How to market your music online

One could say that these times are both the easiest and the hardest for upcoming musicians: while there’s plenty of ways to gain recognition and spread your music, there’s also a lot of competition – so much so, in fact, that many young artists get discouraged after their heart’s work doesn’t generate as much buzz as they’d like.

If you’re making music of any kind, it’s important to remember to take it slow – as long as you’re good enough, you’ll get discovered eventually, which is all that matters, right?

To help speed up the process, though, here are some ways through which you can market your music and have fun doing it. There are several ways that will help. Getting links from other popular music places, optimizing your website, and having the ability for people to buy online.

The standard ways

First and foremost, you’ll have to figure out what genre your music belongs to. Are you an aspiring DJ looking to make it big and go on to collaborate with some of the world’s biggest stars? Or are you more of a lone pop icon hoping that his or her vocal chords will brighten up the days of thousands?

While it might feel a bit constricting, figuring out where your music fits and sticking to that niche will help you get more recognition – less competition in your ‘field’ means more chances of being heard.

Once you’ve got your style down, you’ll have to scout the web and scoop up all the most prominent figures associated with independent or up-and-coming artists who make the same sort of music that you do. This can be anyone with a decent amount of reach: blog writers, owners of music review sites, online radio voices… Try getting in touch with each of them and see if they can help promote your newest album (or your music in general) – even a single post from a high-ranking music blog can get you tons of recognition.

Speaking of radio, try and get yourself onto as many online radios as possible. Yes, everyone wants to play in the cars of their home town, but baby steps and all – online music streaming is more popular than ever and is very accessible to musicians, making it a terrific way to gain some traction.

Thinking outside the box

A good way to separate yourself from your ‘competition’ (whether different musicians can be called each others’ competitors is up to you) is to give some focus to your brand rather than just being all music all the time.

Most upcoming musicians are only interested in recording – if you can make a little effort here and there to gain more popularity, you’ll get ahead in leaps and bounds. While the steps outlined above will establish your name just fine, you can also try working the search engines so that people reach your music website more easily.

You can do this on your own, but if you’re really looking to make an impact, consider hiring a SEO company to spread your name – not only will this be tremendously effective, but it’ll also give you a glimpse into how successful musicians stay ahead of the game.