Prepping your home to sell

If you’re selling your home and can’t bother cleaning it one bit, don’t get too hard on yourself – you’re among the majority of home sellers. After all, what use is cleaning something that will soon no longer be yours? Doesn’t it basically mean you’re working for free?

Well, not quite. In truth, taking necessary steps to get your home ready for a sale can have a tremendous impact on the amount of interested parties and the best price you can get. That’s right – your cleaning efforts will likely pay many times over come selling time. Here are some ways to get your home ready for the big sale.

Picking the right layout

Have you ever been in two different homes of equal size yet one seemed considerably bigger than the other? The secret behind this has nothing to do with magic and everything with manipulating perception. More specifically, it’s about using home decor to free up space and make an indoor environment seem much larger than it is.

If your home seems to be suffering from clutter, you should do some careful rearranging before having potential customers over. Think about all the ways through which you can rearrange furniture, even if the new layout would be the exact opposite of what you’re used to – we don’t have to tell you that bigger trumps smaller when talking home buying.

Those lacking a talent or drive for interior decoration can choose to work with a professional designer instead. Find the right person and you’ll see your home transformed in no time, seemingly gaining a room or two’s worth of extra square meters in the process. Again, putting in all this work for a home you’re about to sell might feel odd, which is why it’s important to remember that the extra money will make it all worth it.

Cleaning up the place

Of course, it’s not all about moving the TV to the right and the sofa to the left – a big part of getting your home to look nicer ahead of a sale comes down to good old fashioned cleaning.

The amount of work that awaits you here heavily depends on how much cleaning you’ve done in the past. Have you been neglecting your cleaning duties for months or years, finding them a waste of time? You might very well be forced to pay your dues before putting that ‘For Sale’ sign up.

It’s best to start with hard surfaces: scrub those hardwood floors and tiles, take care of any marks on the walls, polish the furniture, wash the glass and so forth. Then, move onto fabric: have the carpets and upholstery thoroughly cleaned and don’t forget any textile decorations, either. If this feels like too big of a task, consider having professionals clean the home’s fabrics ahead of the sale – you’ll save time and effort and get much better results in return.

In the end, prepping your home for sale boils down to one thing: getting it look as nice as possible – possibly even nicer than it really is – before having any buyers come over and inspect the loft with curious eyes.