3 top places to buy furniture online

Not everyone’s a fan of furniture shopping online: similar to clothing, there’s no way of telling whether the piece will ‘fit’ or not until you’ve seen it in person. Yet buying online is certainly more convenient: from easier transportation to a much-greater palette of options, it pays to check out some online retailers together with real-world ones or even focus on them if you’re unwilling to travel dozens or hundreds of miles looking for that perfect chair to go with your decor.

For your convenience, here are 3 top places that sell all kinds of furniture online – if you can’t find what you need here, you’ll probably have to look for more-specific shops instead.

 Top places to buy furniture online

Target: Target’s everywhere – you might not have realized it, but the hugely-popular clothing and accessories retailer also sells some great furniture to boot. One great thing about Target is the sheer amount of items to choose from: whether you’re equipping your bedroom, kitchen, kids’ room or garden, Target will more than likely have you covered. They don’t offer the rarest and quaintest pieces out there, but they make up for it with affordable prices and a quality guarantee. Target could easily be your one-stop-shop for all your furniture needs – whether you end up choosing it as such probably depends on your past experiences with the retail giant.

Overstock: Another massive retailer that readily dabbles in furniture sales, Overstock has an inventory that rivals Target’s in terms of quality as well as price. If you’re dealing with more empty rooms than you’d like, Overstock is a great place to start: their collection of basic furniture is impressive and covers every room in the house one could think of. Likewise, their prices are pretty much what you’d expect from a massive online store that can afford to sell everything at a discount – attractive and bound to pique your interest. Throw in the frequent actual discounts on top of the already-low prices and you’ll understand why it pays to bookmark Overstock and check it periodically until you’re fully satisfied with the furniture arrangement in your home.

Design Public: Here’s a specialized site you’ll fall in love with if you like contemporary furniture: Design Public is all about edgy pieces that will turn your home into a true 21st century abode. If you can look at a piece of furniture and think it might have been designed two decades ago, it probably won’t be found here – instead, you’re treated to edgy furniture for the entire home that never compromises in its near-futuristic appeal. Have you ever seen the inside of a penthouse or similar high-rise high-class establishment with plenty of odd shapes and sharp finishes to the furniture? Well, the landlord was probably buying from these guys – Design Public sells modern furniture and has no qualms about making it obvious. The prices aren’t as affordable as with some of the more generic retailers, but can you really put a price on style? If you answered that with a ‘no’, you’ll feel right at home browsing Design Public’s extravagant collection.