Best music streaming services

Everything’s moving online – whether you’re looking to do serious business or trying to sit back and relax with some good entertainment, you can no longer afford to ignore the internet’s massive influence.

Music is very much the same: record labels are fighting piracy by making music videos available on YouTube for free, iTunes are more or less the most popular way of purchasing music and online streaming services are quickly replacing traditional forms of radio.

Because of how easy it is to stream music online, picking the right service can seem difficult. Here’s an overview of the top 3 music streaming services and what each of them brings to the table.

Best Music Streaming Services

Spotify: There’s no doubt about it: Spotify is big, and it’s only getting bigger by the minute. Popular with both U.S. audiences and listeners from abroad, Spotify offers an impressive amount of features without really taking too much out of your pocket. For starters, the streaming service boasts the option of letting you “play any song, anywhere”, which is true enough – Spotify’s music library is certainly impressive and ranks among the best on the entire web. By default, the app comes in a free and premium suite – the latter costs $10 a month and opens up offline listening, provides better mobile integration and grants a higher music quality. Throw in a decent internet radio in there and one thing becomes clear: Spotify isn’t going anywhere and very few music lovers will regret getting a monthly subscription.

Pandora: You won’t be opening Pandora’s box by getting a cheap monthly subscription to this service – instead, you’ll be getting access to one of the best music streamers on the internet. Pandora has been around for a while and has refined its features considerably, although it still gets some criticism for focusing on one thing: user-powered internet radios. If you’ve always wanted to host your own radio show, now’s your chance – Pandora lets you run a constantly-updated playlist that anyone can listen to, comment on and like. You can also check out other people’s playlists and subscribe to them if their tastes mirror your own. With a little online searching, you’ll have no trouble finding a couple of playlists that are perfectly to your liking and constantly updated with new and hip songs you wish you’d heard sooner.

Google Play Music: The biggest streaming service coming in last on the list? The reasoning for this is simple: despite the company’s famous do-good policy, many people feel that Google is everywhere and prefer to limit their exposure to the tech giant whenever possible. If you don’t mind seeing the ubiquitous brand in yet another facet of your life, Google Play Music has some neat features to it: a huge amount of top-notch music to listen to and download, the option of ‘upgrading’ your collection with better-quality tracks and the all-important integration with every other Google service, such as cloud storage. Indeed, integration is likely why most people will opt for Google Play over its competitors – it’s just so convenient to have everything in one place, isn’t it? While its internet radio and auto playlists aren’t the best, Google Play nevertheless manages to give its competitors plenty of trouble and is here to stay.